Best Treadmill Brands In India (Top Treadmill Brands) – 2020

best treadmill brands in India

Buying a treadmill is a wise investment for your health. But, before buying a treadmill, you should know how to evaluate a treadmill for your needs.

Once you have done that, the next thing is to know the best treadmill brands in India. Once you know what treadmill brands are good and which are not, then you can make a decision about buying a treadmill or not.

List of the Best Treadmill Brands In India

Here is a list of the top treadmill brands in India. Please note that the list is in no particular order.

PowerMax Fitness
LifeLine Treadmills

We will also discuss the pros and cons of each brand. We will not discuss individual treadmill models here. We will link to the individual reviews of the models instead.

Powermax Fitness

Powemax Fitness is a well-known fitness equipment brand based in Mumbai. They make a lot of fitness equipment. Their wide range includes treadmills for home use, commercial treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and multi-gyms.

On the commercial end, they also make exercise, weights, benches, and CrossFit equipment.

They also make other fitness equipment like massage chairs, dip stands, steppers, yoga mats, medicine balls, skipping ropes, gloves, joint support, etc.

1. Powermax treadmills

Powermax Fitness makes 3 categories of treadmills.

  • TDM Series – treadmill with DC motor and Manual Incline
  • TDA Series – treadmill with DC motor and Automatic Incline
  • TAC Series – treadmill with AC Motor and Commercial Use

List of Powermax Home Use treadmills

All Powermax Fitness treadmills have excellent build quality.

That is why Powermax Fitness treadmills have a 3-year motor warrantylifetime frame warranty, and a 1-year warranty on the rest.

Powermax Fitness treadmills also advertise their motors with CHP (continuous HP). As we mentioned in our [treadmill buying guide], continuous HP is a much more important unit than peak HP (PHP).

Powermax Fitness treadmills also have 1.8 mm belts, which are last long. The shock absorption on their treadmills is also excellent.

[row] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • 3 Year Motor Warranty
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty on the rest
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
[/list][/column] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#f7a900″]
  • Little pricey compared to other brands
[/list] [/column] [/row]

2. KOBO (Best treadmill brands in India)

Another popular selling treadmill brand is Kobo.

Apart from treadmills, they also make other gym equipment such as benches, wrist supports, etc.

They are a child company of Pan International, who have over 50 years experience in manufacturing and exporting fitness gear.

The quality of the treadmills is great, and they also make a variety of models to suit different customer’s needs.

The major drawback that their service has is that their treadmills come with only a 3-month warranty. For an expensive product like a treadmill, that is unacceptable.

They also do not provide installation services. This is a hassle that the customers have to deal with. Finding a professional who can install a treadmill properly is not something the customer should have to do.

Also, their shock absorption methods are inferior.

For their lack of warranty and installation service, their pricing is not too cheap. Their pricing is fair, but customers would be better off paying a little extra for better warranty coverage.

For the above mentioned issues, they also have a lot of negative feedback online.

[row] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • Good brand with good history
  • Good build quality
  • Decent price
[/list][/column] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#f7a900″]
  • Poor warranty – only 3 month motor warranty
  • No installation service
  • Inferior shock absorption
  • Poor after sales support
[/list] [/column] [/row]



3. Healthgenie

Healthgenie is a company that is headquartered in New Delhi. They have been in the fitness industry for over 55 years.

They make not only fitness equipment, but also wellness, elderly care, child care, clinical supplies, medical supplies, home care, and also beauty products.

Under each of their categories, they have a lot of products.

Surprisingly, they only make a handful of treadmills.

Their treadmill models 4112M and 4012M are one of the highest-selling products in their category.

The USP of the Healthgenie treadmills is that they have great features, great build quality, and value for money pricing.

[row] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • Great entry-level treadmills
  • Good build quality
  • Suitable for walkers and mild runners
  • Good service quality
[/list][/column] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#f7a900″]
  • Build quality can be improved
  • Not suitable for heavy users
  • Limited choice of treadmills
  • Average shock absorption
[/list] [/column] [/row]

LifeLine Treadmills


LifeLine Treadmills are made by R.International, Headquartered in Chandigarh. They are a manufacturer and importer of a variety of fitness equipment like bench presses, climbers, ellipticals, exercise bikes, treadmills, multi-gyms, and more. Their products are made for commercial use, as well as home use.


Afton Treadmills

Afton was founded in 1988, and it is one of India’s largest and fastest-growing fitness equipment suppliers today. Apart from manufacturing, Afton also represents some of the world’s most reliable fitness companies in the Indian sub-continent, including Spirit Fitness, Stex Fitness, Xebex, GetRXD, Spivi, Impluse, Kbox, Sole Fitness, Bruteforce, and some more. They have a presence in the leading cities in India, service locations throughout the country.

Durafit Treadmills

Durafit is a relatively new company on the market, but it is the only company that focuses exclusively on home-use treadmills. That lets them create products that are superior to others in the home use department. They also focus heavily on safety, as accidents on treadmills can hurt real bad—especially older people. Their focused strategy is a contrarian approach in the market, and it has served them well.

Cockatoo Treadmills

Cockatoo is another domestic treadmill manufacturer that makes treadmills and other fitness equipment for the Indian audience. Surprisingly, we couldn’t find their website and company details, but judging by their online presence, their treadmills are quite popular. Most of their products are made for end consumers, and they don’t make much commercial equipment if they make them at all.

Fitkit Treadmill

FitKit is another popular brand amongst the best treadmills in India. Headquartered in Raipur, FitKit primarily makes treadmills, but they also manufacture plenty of other fitness accessories in the Fitness market. Their products are of high quality, and they are one of the few brands in India that have a connected app with their treadmill, which lets you track your progress. If you’re looking for a treadmill for home use, FitKit brand is a good contender for that list.

MAXPRO is another Indian manufacturer of treadmills. Apart from treadmills, they also manufacture strength equipment like leg extension machine, lat-pull down the machine, bicep curl machines, etc. The strength equipment is made for commercial purposes, i.e., for gyms, but the treadmills are made for home use. Overall, they claim to follow international standards for manufacturing, are a strong contender in the home-use treadmill space.

Lifelong Treadmills

Lifelong is an interesting entry in this list of the best treadmill brands in India. The company originally makes plastic injection molding parts die casting parts, and similar industrial equipment, but they seem to have a consumer division as well, which makes a home, kitchen, grooming, lifestyle, and fitness products. Lifelong isn’t doing this lightly, as they have recruited Mithila ParkarMithila Parkar as a brand ambassador as well. They make only 3-4 models of treadmills right now, but they have good ratings on Amazon as they have spent a lot of money on ads. Overall, they won’t be our first choice when considering getting a treadmill for home use.

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