Syska HT3052K Trimmer Review – Is this the Best budget body grooming kit?


Sometimes, a multi grooming kit is a great choice for overall grooming of your hair. In this post, we are going to do a review of the Syska HT3052K cordless trimmer and multigroom kit and tell you if it’s worth purchasing or not.

What is the Syska HT3052K?

Before we go into the actual review, it is wise to explain what the Syska HT3052K is.

The Syska HT3052K is a cordless trimmer and a multigroom kit. That means that apart from beard trimming, there are many other grooming jobs you can accomplish with it.

We will discuss all the various grooming activities you can perform with the Syska HT3052K in detail.

Types of Hair Grooming With Syska HT3052k Grooming Kit

The Syska HT3052K Grooming kit can perform a variety of grooming tasks. Here is a list of all the things you can do with the Syska HT3052K Trimmer.

  • Trim and maintain your beard
  • Shave your beard completely
  • Clip your head hair or beard hair
  • Groom your body hair
  • Groom your ear and nose hair
  • Define your mustache and sideburns

We will see how you can accomplish all of these with the unboxing and attachment review.

In the Box of Syska HT3052K

Once we open the Syska HT3052K Box, we find a lot of things inside. Here is a list of all the items inside the box.

  • The Syska HT3052K Trimmer with a comb already attached
  • Another comb for hair and beard clipping
  • A cleaning brush
  • A comb
  • A body groomer attachment
  • A foil shaver attachment
  • An ear and nose trimmer attachment
  • A precision trimmer attachment
Syska ht3052k attacments syska ht3052k review
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When you flip the box, you will find a few more things inside the box. They are:

  • Power adaptor (to charge the Syska HT3052K)
  • Velvet-like carrying pouch
  • Warranty card and user manual (inside the carrying pouch)
  • Holding and charging tray

Design and First Impressions of the Syska HT3052K syska hT3052k Trimmer and Shaver

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Once you take the Syska HT3052K out of the box and hold it in your hand, you immediately feel its solid build quality. It feels snug in the hand and has a good grip.

The silver and black colors give the HT3052K a premium look.

The design seems pretty straightforward with a single on-off switch which turns the trimmer on or off. The power button is a press type button, which is an issue. Depending on how you hold the trimmer while using, you can accidentally turn the trimmer on or off. We would have preferred a slider like a switch which would eliminate the problem.

Below the power switch, there are 2 LED indicators. The first one is a power on LED, which turns on with the trimmer. The second one is the battery indicator. The battery indicator lights up when you charge the Syska HT3052K and also when the battery runs low. We think this is a great feature to have a trimmer.

On the bottom, you get the charging port which can be plugged into the charger directly or also be used in conjunction with the docking station.

The Syska HT3052K comes with a docking station that can be used for storage of the various heads and also for charging.

Syska HT3052k Specifications – Trimmer and Shaver

There are multiple heads and attachments included with the Syska HT3052K trimmer and we will cover the specifications of each one.

In total there are 5 heads for the Syska HT3052K. The default attached head also has 2 comb options. Here is a list of all the attachments.

  • Beard Trimmer (with additional hair trimmer comb attachment)
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  • Foil Shaver
  • Nose and ear hair trimmer
  • Body Groomer (also called men bikini trimmer)
  • Precision Trimmer

Let’s go over the specifications of Syska HT3052K.

The HT3052K is a cordless beard trimmer with stainless steel blades. The blades are self-sharpening and do not need replacement or sharpening.

The default attachment has 20 different length adjustments ranging from 1mm to 20mm. The attachment is easy to adjust and does a decent job of trimming beards.

The Syska HT3052K is not waterproof, but it does have a washable head. Once you remove the comb, the head is exposed. You can easily pull the head apart to clean it with water. However, we recommend that you let the head dry completely before putting the head back in. You might also need some practice in putting the head back in.

A drawback of the beard trimmer is that when you trim your beard, the hair from your beard stick to the head and do not fall. Some might consider this a good thing, but it’s not. Even if you have a medium beard, you will have to stop multiple times during trimming to clean the head.

You also get a second comb for the trimmer head which is useful for clipping. Clipping means cutting large chunks of hair at the same time. You can use this trimmer comb to clip the hair on your head and clip your beard if you have a large beard.

Removing and attaching the comb is slightly cumbersome, and sometimes it feels that the comb will break. Luckily, it did not happen during our testing. If you remove the comb entirely, you expose the trimming head, which you can use to trim your beard. However, it is not recommended for using the blade directly in contact with your skin can cause trouble.

Removing and attaching a head is pretty simple. You have to twist the trimmer at the head attachment and the head will become loose. Remove the head and attach and other head you prefer.

Performance of the Syska HT3052K Trimmer

We discussed the performance of the default shaving head in the section above. Now we will discuss the performance and use of the other heads of the Syska HT3052K.

Performance of the Foil Shaving Head of Syska HT3052K Shaver

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The foil shaving head is a shaving head. That means it will give you a clean shave. If you want to use this head, we recommend that you trim your beard first, as foil shaver does not work well with long hair.

The foil shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaving. That means you can use this directly on your skin or use shaving foam or cream to work up a lather.

In our testing we found the performance of the shaver to be pretty average. The shave is not perfectly clean and you need to use the head multiple times on the same spot to have an impact.

Performance of the Body Groomer Head of the Syska HT3052K Trimmer

The body groomer’s head is also called the male bikini groomer. It’s a small head with 5 adjustment levels. You can use this on sensitive areas of your body like armpits, groin, inner thighs, and also clean the hair on your hands, feet, and chest.

We also tried to use this head for beard trimming and got great results. However, if you have a thick beard, we do not recommend that you do the same.

Performance of the Precision Trimming Head of the Syska HT3052K Trimmer

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The precision trimming head, as it says, is used for trimming in precise locations. This means styling your mustache precisely, style your eyebrows or your sideburns.

The precision trimmer works great wherever we tried it. It’s a little small, so we recommend a good mirror to help you out with the trimming.

Performance of the Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer of the Syska HT3052K Groomer

Not everyone has a problem with extra grown ear and nose hair, but it is a good option to have just in case. When we tried this trimming head, it worked really well on nose hair. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone with enough ear hair to make a decisive statement.

Syska HT3052K Trimmer and Shaver Battery Life

One of the most important aspects of any trimmer is its charging time and use time. The Syska HT3052K excels in this department as it is equipped with quick charging. This gives the Syska HT3052K a charge time of just 60 mins with a usage time of around 50 minutes.

Indicators on Syska HT3052K Trimmer

The Syska HT3052K has 2 useful indicators.

The on-off indicator is a small led which lights up when the trimmer is switched on. The LED is bright enough to be noticeable under normal lighting conditions.

The second is the battery/charging indicator. When you charge the Syska HT3052K, the LED switches to a battery icon and flashes. This confirms that the trimmer is charging.

When the battery runs low, the same LED will switch to a different icon and flash more frequently. This happens when the battery falls below 10%. It’s a useful feature that many other trimmers miss.

Syska HT3052K Trimmer and Shaver Warranty

The Syska HT3052K is covered by a 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects. Any breakages that happen will not be covered under warranty. The warranty card will be inside the soft travel pouch. We recommend that you store that separately. If you lose it, it will become difficult to avail of the warranty of your trimmer.

Syska HT3052K Specifications at a glance

In case you don’t have the time to read through the complete details, here are the specifications of the Syska HT3052K at a glance.

  • Wireless And Wired Trimmer
  • 50 Minute Usage Time
  • Includes Beard Trimmer
  • Includes Hair Clipper
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Stainless Steel, Self Sharpening Blades
  • 1mm To 20mm Trimming Range
  • Includes Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Included Charging Dock And Head Storage
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 60 Minute Charging Time
  • 10 Trimming Lengths Supported
  • Includes Precision Trimmer
  • 240 gm Weight
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Syska HT3052K Trimmer

The Syska HT3052K is a decent grooming kit, but it’s not perfect. Here is the list of pros and cons based on our analysis.


  • Excellent Price
  • Multiple Features In A Single Product
  • Excellent Trimmer Overall
  • Low Charging Time With Excellent Usage Time
  • Helpful Led Indicators
  • Free Charging Station Provided
  • Can Be Used As Cordless Or Corded Trimmer


  • Combs Quality Is Average
  • Trimming Without Combs Is Average
  • Average Shaving Attachment
  • Needs Frequent Cleaning
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So, does the Syska trimmer HT3052K beat every other trimmer with its variety of features?


After extensive usage and testing, we can confidently say that Syska HT3052K is a good trimmer with average additions. Some additions are better than the others like the precision trimmer is better than the foil shaver. But overall, trimming is the only excellent thing about the Syska HT3052K.
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Syska HT3052k Trimmer Price In India

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Should You Buy the Syska HT3052K Trimmer and Shaver

We understand that is the most important question that you are concerned with. Considering everything that we’ve seen with this trimmer, we are confident in our opinion.

If you have ever used a Philips, Panasonic, or another brand trimmer, you should not purchase the HT3052K. You will be disappointed with the performance.
Our opinion on the Syska HT3052K Trimmer
However, if you are buying a trimmer or grooming kit for the first time, you will love the performance of the Syska HT3052K. The only exception to that is if you have a really thick beard, you should avoid the Syska HT3052K and purchase a dedicated, more powerful trimmer
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