How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use? Treadmill Power Consumption Calculator

When you buy a treadmill or are searching to buy a treadmill, one of the first questions that can come to your mind is, “How much electricity does a treadmill use?”, or “Does a treadmill use a lot of electricity?”. Specifically, you might also be wondering, how much electricity does a treadmill use in India. So we created this post to answer that question once and for all.

Do Treadmills Consume Energy?

Not all treadmills require electricity to operate. Some treadmills are called manual treadmills, which means that they can be operated without electricity. Other treadmills are called electric, or motorized treadmills. Since these treadmills have motors that drive them, they require energy to run. You’ll commonly find motorized treadmills in the gym or fitness clubs.

What is the Cost of Using a Treadmill (Treadmill Bill)

If you’re wondering about the power draw or amp draw of a treadmill, then chances are that you actually want to know what will the cost of using a treadmill for a specific time. In India, it would be common to ask, “*treadmill use karne se bill kitna aaega?” The explanation of that is quite simple.

Treadmill Power Usage Depends on many factors

All treadmills do not use the same amount of electricity. In fact, the same treadmill will use different amounts of electricity very often.

The easiest way to understand this is with an analogy.

Let us compare a treadmill with a car.

A car uses fuel. But, how much fuel would a car use? What are the factors that will affect fuel usage? Some of the factors would be:

  • The capacity of the engine
  • The weight of the car itself
  • How many people are in the car
  • How frequently the car is used
  • The distance you travel every time you take the car around
  • How fast do you drive
  • How well-maintained the car is

All of these factors will affect how much fuel the car will consume. A treadmill’s power consumption is also dependent on similar factors, some of which are:

  • The capacity of the motor
  • The weight of the person using it
  • How frequently is the treadmill used
  • How long do they use it for
  • What speed do they use the treadmill for
  • How well-maintained the treadmill is

and some other factors which would be too boring and technical to discuss here.

Factors that affect treadmill electricity consumption

Electricity Costs of Running a Treadmill (in India)

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Now that you understand the factors that affect a treadmill’s power consumption, let us determine how many units of electricity will be consumed by a treadmill.

From the factors that we discussed, the only constant predictable factor is the motor capacity, the rest depends on person to person. So, we will first calculate the approximate electric consumption of a treadmill based on the motor’s capacity.

A motor’s capacity is expressed in HP (Horse Power). A [treadmill for home use] can have a motor capacity anywhere from 1HP to 5HP.

HP can be easily converted to watts with a simple formula.

A unit of electricity is measured in kilo-watt hour, which means 1 kilo-watt (1000 watts) power consumed for one hour.

So, to answer the question, how much unit of electricity consumed by a treadmill in India, all we have to do is convert the HP to watts. Once we have that, we have to determine how much KWH (or units) it will consume. Here are some examples.

1 HP Treadmill Motor Power Consumption

1 HP = 745.7 Watts

So, a 1 HP treadmill will use 745.7 Watts or .745 KiloWatts. So, it will consume .745 Units of electricity per hour.

2 HP Treadmill Motor Power Consumption

2 HP = 1491.4 Watts

So, a 2 HP treadmill will use 1491.4 Watts or 1.491 KiloWatts. So, it will consume 1.491 Units of electricity per hour.

3 HP Treadmill Motor Power Consumption

2 HP = 2237 Watts

So, a 3 HP treadmill will use 2237 Watts or 2.237 KiloWatts. So, it will consume 2.237 Units of electricity per hour.

Please note that these are approximate values, and the real-world usage will be different depending on the other factors that we’ve discussed.

Treadmill Power Consumption and Bill Estimate Calculator

To make the process of buying a treadmill easier, we’ve created a simple calculator that you can use to determining the approximate cost of using a treadmill. Please enter the information in the calculator and see an estimate of your monthly electric bill because of your treadmill.

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We hope that this calculator was helpful in helping you understand the costs of using a treadmill in India. If you have any questions, then leave a comment below. If you found this helpful, then don’t forget to share this with other people who might find it helpful as well.

13 thoughts on “How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use? Treadmill Power Consumption Calculator”

    1. Yes. Think of it like fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Higher speed equals higher fuel consumption. Electricity is fuel for a treadmill. Idle speed is when treadmill runs without a person on it. It is mentioned to establish a baseline.

    2. At what speed the above calculator is based on?
      Suppose I run for 30 minutes at 10 kmh for 30 days on a 3 HP threadmill. What will be my power consumption?

      1. Hello, we have not included the weight of the person and the speed of usage in the calculator because it varies. Different people will run in different ways causing different loads on the machine. The calculator is supposed to give you a ballpark figure, not 100% accurate numbers. Hope that clarifies.

  1. Hi.
    I brought sole f85 treadmill which has 4chp motor.
    My weight is 85 kg and i will use it for running.
    So i might go for lower powered treadmill such as f65 which has 3.25chp motor.

    So now i have 2 questions.
    1. Does my treadmill will perform better and more seamlessly as it has more powerful motor?
    2. With same workout plan, does f85 will comsume more electricity compair to f65?
    (My selles told me the power consumption will same because it’s curcit board can
    calculate and adjust consumption rate).

    1. Dr Hasib,

      The motor is just once aspect to consider when running. Frame strength, programs, and width of the treadmills are also important. Look for those factors and the maximum supported weight. Remember to deduct 25kgs from it for running aspect. Ex: 100Kg max for walking = 75kgs max for running.

      For last question, yes, motors will adjust consumption based on load.

    2. This is a very useful article. Thank you for sharing. I had one query. I have bought a Durafit Royal treadmill – 3HP DC motor (peak 6 HP). The problem is that there is frequent power outage where I stay, and when the power goes out, the treadmill stops abruptly, causing an unhealthy jerk to the lower back. So my doubt is whether it is possible to connect the treadmill to a UPS in order to give me an opportunity to reduce the speed of the treadmill before bringing it to a complete stop. If connecting the treadmill to UPS is possible, what should be the specifications of the UPS? Any suggestions? Warm regards

  2. Does the inclination level play a part in the electricity consumption? What is the relation between the inclination and the electricity consumed? Inversely or directly proportional?

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