FitKit FT200 Review – Why this treadmill is one of the best selling Treadmills in India?

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When you’re looking to buy a running machine or a treadmill in India, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Apart from treadmill brands, each brand has several models to choose from. Out of hundreds of options, the FitKit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill has become one of the best selling treadmills in India.

But, is it worth buying, or are there better treadmills to choose from? That is what we are going to discuss in this review of the FitKit FT200 Motorized Treadmill Review.

What To Look For In a Treadmill

Not all treadmills are made the same, and each treadmill is designed, keeping a specific type of user in mind. Thus, it is important to remember the factors you should consider before buying a treadmill. At a minimum, you should look for the following.

  • Brand
  • Installation Service
  • Quality of Construction
  • Motor Power
  • Walking Area
  • Pre-built programs
  • Shock Absorption
  • Ease of storage and transportation
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance

If you’re interested in learning how to buy a treadmill, we have a dedicated guide on it.

Let us discuss the FitKit FT200’s features and evaluate whether it is a good treadmill to purchase or not.

Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Features

The FitKit FT200 is an electric, motorized treadmill. That means it needs electricity to run, and the belt in the treadmill will move once the running machine starts. It can be used for walking, and also for running.

Fitkit FT200 Treadmill Overview
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Let us start with the physical properties first. The FitKit FT200 is made up of a steel frame, which gives it excellent strength and durability. The treadmill comes in a 90% assembled state, and FitKit also has free-installation service across India with the help of a network of 650 service offices.

After the installation, you’ll see that the treadmill has a soft folding and unfolding process. That is because of the hydraulic folding system in the treadmill. The folding property also makes it easy to store, and you can use the treadmill comfortably, even in tight spaces.

Coming to the other physical features, the FitKit FT200 motorized treadmill has a 2.25 CHP motor, which delivers a peak performance of 4.5 HP. The motor is enough to power the treadmill to speeds from 1 km/h up to 16 km/h while supporting a maximum user weight of 110 Kgs. The speed range is enough for walking, and even high speed running. The treadmill is auto-lubricating, so you don’t have to worry about lubricating it often.

[note note_color=”#b3fc0b” text_color=”#0e0e0e” radius=”5″]Important Note: If you’re considering purchasing this treadmill for running, make sure that your weight is not above 85 Kgs, as you have to discount your weight by 25 kgs for running, as the treadmill has to take quite a heavy load.[/note]

The running area is a comfortable 1240mm by 420mm, which is one of the biggest running areas in its class.

[box title=”Running Area of FitKit FT200″ box_color=”#fe4508″] 1240 mm x 420 mm
124 cm x 42 cm
48 inches x 16.53 inches
4 feet x 1.38 feet
FitKit FT200 5 Layer Belt
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FitKit FT200 has a 5 layer belt, and each layer adds some feature to improve the running or walking experience. Here are the 5 layers.

  • Anti-slip Layer
  • Strengthen Layer
  • Shock Absorption Layer
  • Silencing Layer
  • Support Layer


Now coming to the running features of the FitKit FT200, you’ll find a 5 inch LCD display, which displays all your workout-related information. The treadmill has a heart-rate monitor installed on the hand-rail, which is useful when performing high-intensity workouts.

Apart from that, the FitKit FT200 records your running time and calories burnt. You can use one of the 12 pre-built workout programs to customize your workout according to your goals. While using the treadmill, you can listen to your favorite music using AUX or by using a flash or pen drive.

FitKit FT200 Display and other features
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You can also the G-Fit Mobile app to use the treadmill and record all your activities and your workouts. Here is the link for Android devices.

The FT200 walking machine also has auto-incline, and you can make your workouts tougher just by pressing the buttons on the handrail.

Coming to the warranty, the FT200 treadmill has a 1-year warranty on the motor, 3-year warranty on the frame, and a 1-year warranty on the parts.

Fitkit FT200 Features at a Glance

Here are all the features of the FitKit FT200 Motorized Treadmill.

[row] [column size=”1/3″] [list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • 1 Year Motor Warranty
  • 5 Inch LCD Display
  • 110 Kgs Max Weight
  • 12 Preloaded Programs
  • 48 x 16.53 inch running area
[/list] [/column] [column size=”1/3″] [list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • 3 Year Frame Warranty
  • Speed, Time, Distance, Calories Burned, Heart Rate
  • 1 – 16 Km/h Speed
  • AUX and USB Support
  • Shock Absorption in Running Mat
[/list] [/column] [column size=”1/3″] [list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • 2.5 cHP (4.5 HP Peak) Motor
  • Fodable (Hydraulic)
  • Auto Incline (upto 15 degree)
  • Mobile App Support
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FitKit FT200 Pros and Cons

Here are the major pros and cons of the FitKit FT200 Motorized Treadmill.

[row] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0af700″]
  • Excellent features for a treadmill in this price
  • Powerful motor with excellent performance
  • Hydraulic folding and auto-incline
  • India-wide service and installation
[/list] [/column] [column size=”1/2″]


[list icon=”icon: exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#f7a900″]
  • Other brands offer better warranty
  • There is no shock absorption in the treadmill, only in the mat
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Final Verdict – FitKit FT200 Review? Is it worth buying?

The FitKit FT200 is an excellent treadmill for home use and is useful for walking an running. For the price, it offers excellent features, and the warranty and service are pretty good as well. It is a must buy. If you’d like to compare the FitKit FT200 with other bestselling treadmills, then refer to our guide on the best treadmills in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the FitKit FT200

Q: Does this require electricity to run.

A: Yes, it is a motorized treadmill, and it will require electricity to operate.

Q: Do I need a stabilizer to use this.

A: It is not needed, but it is recommended.

Q: Can I use this treadmill for running?

A: Yes, but only if your weight is below 85 kgs. Also, for the elderly, we would recommend a treadmill with better shock absorption.

Q: How can I contact the installation service?

A: Please call 1800-200-0717 after purchasing the treadmill. Please call between 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Q: How do I know my pin code is eligible for installation and support.

A: Please download this sheet and see if your pin-code is present in it. FitKit Installation Pin Codes.

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