Fidget Spinner – Gold, Batman, Metal and more

Fidget spinners are all the rage right now.

This toy/tool/whatever has taken over like a storm.

While some people enjoy their fidget spinners, some people hate this toy for no reason.

Whether you enjoy spinning or not, you can’t disagree that some fidget spinners are really cool.

Since there is so much variety of designs of fidget spinners, we decided to a full round-up of all the amazing fidget spinners available in India today.

We will try to cover rainbow fidget spinners, golden fidget spinner, batman fidget spinner, captain america fidget spinner, 5 or more arms fidget spinner and other cool spinners out there.

Captain America Fidget Spinners

One of the coolest looking fidget spinners are the Captain America fidget spinners. They are colorful, spin well and act like shields against bad guys (well not really). Here are some of the coolest Captain America fidget spinners.

Click on the images to check them out at different stores.

Rainbow colored Metal Fidget Spinners

If Captain America is not your thing, you might dig these amazing looking rainbow themed fidget spinners. The benifit og rainbow colored fidget spinners is that they are almost entirely made of metal. This means they are heavier and more durable. A metal fidget spinner will also spin longer if the bearings are in good shape.

Here are some cool ones from Click on the image you like to check the product on Amazon.

Rainbow Fidget Spinners on Flipkart

Flipkart has some cool rainbow fidget spinners as well. The advantage of a metal body is that they spin longer and last longer.

Check out these fidget spinners. Click on the image you like to check the product out on Flipkart.


Superhero Fidget Spinners

Apart from Captain America, there are many other superhero themed themed fidget spinners. Out of the hundreds of spinners, we have selected some of the best ones for you to check out.

Here are some cool ones from Amazon.

And some cool ones from Flipkart.

Click on any of the images to check the product out on the website itself.

Gold Fidget Spinners

If you are a Bappi Lahiri fan or in the case that you really dig Gold, some golden fidget spinners might be something you consider.

After some searching, we found some really cool gold fidget spinners.

Just click/touch on the image you like to check it out on Amazon.

Here are some good ones on Flipkart as well.


Fidget Spinner Uses, Advantages and Medical Help

Some people claim that fidget spinners are the ultimate medical and miraculously cure autism, ADHD, help quitting smoking and alcohol. While it might sound amazing and you might be tempted to buy one right away, we would recommend that you take these claims with a grain of salt.

As of this writing, there has been no medically backed claims that say fidget spinners helped them with nervousness, reducing ADHD symptoms, let alone cure autism and quit smoking.

As a practical test, one of our team members (who fidgets with pens and other things a lot) actually used a fidget spinners for a couple of weeks in day to day use. Here is what he had to say.

“I used a simple fidget spinner in my day to day life. I used a lot while reading as my hands were free. It did help me with my fidgeting for a while. I was able hold my attention for a few minutes as compared to barely a few seconds. It was like a pen, but a little cooler. Although I was dissatisfied with only one type of motion. On a pen, I can twist, turn and click. The heaviness of the fidget spinner is also sometime a negative.”

So folks, if you have an addiction, visit a doctor. Don’t trust a spinner toy. While it may help some attention disorders for a while, will it cure them is still un-answered. Buy the fidget spinners just for the sake of it, not for medical help.

To check out the full range of fidget spinners, choose from your favorite store below.

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