Difference Between Trimmer, Shaver, Groomer, Clipper, Epilator and Razor

Are you looking to understand what is the difference between a trimmer and shaver? Or the difference between a shaver and clipper? Or difference between everything?

There are many hair removal devices available. If you have hair on a body part, then there is probably a device that can help you remove the hair there.

Hair trimmers and hair removers are classified into 2 basic categories.

  • Electric Hair Removers
  • Mechanical Hair Removers

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Trimmers are devices that “trim” your hair. Trimmers consists of 2 or more sliding blades which are used to trim the hair.

Philips Trimmer difference between trimmer and shaver
Example of a Philips Trimmer

When your hair are passed through the blades, they are cut.

Philips Trimmer difference between trimmer and shaver
Example of Trimmer Blades

Trimmers are usually small devices and have a small cutting width.

Since they are small, trimmers are very accurate cutting devices. Many trimmers will allow you to cut hair with a precision of 0.5 mm.

Types of Trimmers

Trimmers are simply devices that cut your hair finely. But, for trimming hair in different parts of the body, special trimmers are available.

In India, trimmers are also called as ‘zero machines’. So a person asking for zero machine for shaving is specifically looking for a trimmer.

Here are few types of hair trimmers

1. Hair Trimmers

General purpose trimmers are trimmers that can be used on many parts of the body.

Using a general purpose trimmer is not recommended. Hair on your body are sensitive and a bad trimmer can cause more problems it can solve.

The hair and skin on different parts of the body is very different. A hair trimmer designed for one body part is not suitable for other body parts.

2. Beard Trimmers

As the name says, these trimmers are made specifically for trimming your beard.

Different type of beard trimmers are available. To solve the confusion of which one is right for you, we created a Philips Trimmer Comparison. You can understand and compare the different features of beard trimmers in that post.

Trimmers are also used to create and maintain stubble beards, which is trending right now.

3. Ear and Nose Trimmers

This is an small and ultra sensitive trimmer that is used to trim nose hair and hair that grows on your ears.

As the skin inside the nostrils and the ear is very sensitive, a specific trimmer to trim those hair in neccessary.

4.Bikini Trimmer

These are trimmers specifically designer for women to trim the hair in the groin area and other private parts.

Many women use hair removal creams to achieve this, but many women still prefer trimmers.


Shavers are specific devices meant to shave the face. Unlike trimmers, shavers have round blades or foil blades.

Philips Aquatouch Plus AT890 difference between trimmer and shaver
Example of Electric Shaver

Shavers usually get in contact with your skin while removing or shaving the hair. With prolonged use of shavers, your skin may get hardened.

Shavers are used for achieving a clean and smooth look on your face which is not possible with trimmers.

Shavers can also be wet shavers or dry shavers or both.

Dry shavers can shave without any use of any foam, cream or lubrication.

These kind of shavers can take some time to get used to and is not recommended for a first time user.

If you are planning to buy an electric shaver, then please use a wet shaver for the first time.

Wet shavers can be used with a lather on your face. The lather smoothens the hair and helps reduce skin irritation.

Many trimmers today support both wet and dry modes of shaving.

To understand more about shavers, read our comparison to find the best electric shaver in India.


Groomers are similar to hair clippers but they are specifically designed to cut hair on the body.

Groomer difference between trimmer and shaver
Example of Body Groomer

For men, groomers can be used to trim hair on the chest, abdomen, armpits or the groin area.

Groomers usually have non-adjustable heads and use a single head to trim the hair.

Many groomers also come with length settings which can help you maintain hair length on your body if you desire.


Clippers are similar to trimmers but they are designed to cut large chunks of hair quickly.

These would be used by hair dressers when they are cutting long hair for a customer.

These clippers can also be used by people who maintain very short hair and cut it themselves.

Clipper difference between trimmer and shaver

Pet Clippers

Some companies make trimmers/clippers specifically for pets.

Since their hair is very different in texture and volume than humans, clippers designed specifically for their needs is important.


Epilator are devices that made for women that don’t cut the hair, but uproot the hair directly from the skin.

Epilators difference between trimmer and shaver
Example of Epilator

These devices are made to be used by women on legs, hands and other body parts where women don’t like hair.

Since epilators directly uproot the hair, there is some degree of pain involved. Most companies would advice to use a soothing lotion to reduce the pain.

Epilators provide an alternate to waxing, which is a old and popular method of removing hair from the skin.

The results from epliators are impressive. The skin becomes smooth and there is very less sign of hair after use. The hair growth is also slow when using epliators.


The old trusted razors are mechanical devices used specifically for shaving.

Razors use blades which cut very close to the skin to shave the hair and achieve a smooth looking skin.

Using a lubricant while shaving is highly recommended.

The overall results from using a razor will depend on the skin of the person, the razor used and the technique of the person who is shaving.

Difference Between Trimmer and Shaver

Some people might still not understand what the difference between a trimmer and shaver is since both are used to trim or shave the hair on the face most of the time.

To explain the difference very simply, trimmers help you cut or maintain a beard while a shaver will help only get a clean shave.

So if you like keeping a 3 day beard or like a 1 mm beard on you most of the time, then you would buy a trimmer.

But if you are one who always keeps a clean shave, then you would buy a shaver.

To explain in pictures, a trimmer lets helps you manage a beard like the picture below.

Philips Trimmer difference between trimmer and shaver
What you can do with a trimmer

And a shaver will help you get a look like the picture below.

Philips aquatouch difference between trimmer and shaver
What you can do with a shaver

Multi Groom Kits

Some companies have recently launched products that are called multi groom kits.

These are electric products with changeable heads.

By changeable heads we mean that you can achieve multiple things by replacing the heads on the device.

Think of it as the popular tool kits on the market. You can change the heads and use a screwdriver or any device you want.

Similarly, multi groomers will allow you to change the heads of the device to use the same device as a trimmer, shaver, nose trimmer, body trimmer and more.

This is very useful as you don’t have to buy different devices to clean hair, only 1 device does the job for you.


We hope that we could clarify what the difference between a trimmer, shaver, epilator, clipper and other devices are.

Remember to check out our posts on [comparison of Philips Trimmers] and [compression of Philips shavers] to select an appropriate device for you.

If you still have questions or doubts, leave a comment below and we will answer your query.

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  1. Hi Admin, I really like your article because this article is very informative & well descriptive. keep continue your writing.

    1. Yes, you can get a stubble look with a trimmer. For a clean shave look you have to use a shaver 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Is there a grooming kit which has shaver (clean facial shave) as well, along with other grooming attachments for full body?

    1. Unfortunately no. Shavers only come with a small brush like attachment which is only used for defining your hairline. A full body grooming kit is only bundled with a trimmer, which won’t give you a squeaky clean shave.

    1. Javed, if you trim only chest hair, then buy a trimmer. You can then use it on your face and chest. If you plan to use it on other body areas as well, then buy a groomer.

      Hope that was clear.

  3. I want to remove or tim my hairs on chest and back ,Which product do you recommend to by – should i buy BG 1025 from philips?

    1. Paresh,

      BG 1025 is great for chest hair, but for back hair you will need to ask some-one to trim the hair for you.
      Apart from that, it’s a great choice.

  4. I have excessive hair on my leg, will a groomer be good for hair on legs ?? Earlier used a trimmer on my legs but it hardened the hair furthur should I expect the same results from a body groomer as well.

    1. Hey Mukul, you can go for a body groomer without worry.

      Trimmers are meant for harder hair and are harsh on sensitive areas. A body grommer is designed to be soft and gentle. Using groomer will not make the hair hard as well.

  5. Hi, I am using trimmer on my beard, going against the grim on zero but it is causing skin problems, should I switch to electric shavers?

    1. Syed, skin problems can be because of multiple reasons, trimming being one of them. You should try to shave with a regular shaver to see if the problem stops. If it persists, please consult a dermatologist.

    1. No Sadik. Using a beard trimmer on sensitive areas in not recommended. Please use a body groomer or use an all in one kit which has a body groomer attachment.

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