Clipper, rotatory or foil? Choosing the right Shaver?

Foil Shaver

How to choose an electric shaver : Clipper, rotatory or foil shaver?

If you have been shaving with a normal shaving razor and looking for a new electric razor, the choice to find one can be confusing.

On one hand you have a lot of companies selling various products for personal grooming. On the other hand there is a lot of variety of products that you need to choose from.

Just so you know, there are rotatory shavers, foil shavers and clippers. Today we will explain the important differences between all 3 and help you decide which one you should buy.

Electric Shavers – Rotatory

Rotatory ShaverRotatory shavers, as they sound, have multiple rotating blades (also called heads). Depending on the brand and model, there might be 2 to 4 different blades on the shaver.

These types of shavers are best suited for guys with thick and fast growing hair. You can also use them if your hair grow in different directions.

The way that rotatory shavers work is pretty simple. The shaver lifts the hair off the face and its cut within one of the rotating blades.

When choosing a rotating blade shaver, remember these things.

  1. These are intended for shaving, not trimming
  2. Always purchase a shaver with a flexible head to ensure a great shave around the face
  3. While using, move the shaver in circular motion on your face

Pros of Rotatory Shavers

  • Excellent for thick and un-even beards
  • Provides a clean shave, no need to shave everyday

Cons of Rotatory Shavers

  • Not comfortable for people with sensitive skin
  • Not useful if you want to have some facial hair like a goatee or a semi beard.
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Electric Foil Shavers

Foil Shaver
Foil Shaver

Electric foil shavers consist of a thin foil layer which cover the blades. The advantage of this setup is that the hair is lifted away from the skin for a precise cut. The second advantage is that the blade does not directly touch your skin, which is great for your skin.

Depending on the brand and model, foil shavers can have 3 or 4 blades. Obviously, more blades means a faster and precise shave.

An important thing to remember when using a foil shaver is that you use it by moving it in straight lines across your face.

Pro’s of Foil Shavers

  • Precise Shave
  • Better on the skin
  • Much closer shave than other shavers

Cons of Foil Shavers

  • Some foil shavers don’t have a tilting/pivoting head. This can cause un-even shave at face contours
  • The movement has to be done precisely in a straight lines, so if you are used to rotating shaves, you might have difficulties
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Clippers, Trimmers and other devices

We have already covered the differences between a shaver, trimmer and epilator already. Just to brush up, clippers and trimmers are different from shavers.

Shavers are meant to give you a clean look.

Trimmers are useful to maintain your facial hair.

If you like a stubble or a great bearded look, then trimmers are the obvious choice.

Philips Trimmer QT4011/15 Blades
Philips Trimmer QT4011/15 Blades

The way trimmers work is that they have 2 zig zag blades moving side by side. When you move the trimmer on your face, the hair that come in contact with the blade are cut.

Obviously, trimmers should also be used in straight line.

Depending on the features, you can have a basic simple trimmer, a trimmer with a laser for precise trim and a trimmer with multiple heads.

Pro’s of Trimmers

  • Trimmers are excellent for beard trimming and maintaining beards
  • Trimmers can be used on multiple parts of the body like chest, armpits and private parts.

Cons of Trimmers
– Trimmers and somewhat harsh to the skin as the blad is in direct contact
– Trimmers are great for trimming but for a smooth finish shavers are better

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We hope that you now understand what the different types of shavers and trimmers are and what they do.

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