The Best Hair Trimmer For Men Compared

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Trimmers have become an essential gadget for men.

Whether you like a gentle stubble or full-grown beard, a good hair trimmer will help you achieve that.

If you are looking to buy Philips trimmer online, then you are making the right choice. Philips makes one of the best shaving trimmers available in the market today.

But, Philips makes many trimmers for men, and the choice for the perfect trimmer can be confusing.

That is why we at conducted thorough research and create a perfect trimmer review for you.

It’s important to note that trimmer and shaver are different products.

An electric shaver for men is a shaving machine which will help you get a completely clean shaven.

A hair trimmer for men is technically not a shaving machine. It’s a trimming machine that will help you get a clean shave or a stubble look. Usually, hair trimmers will have variable settings which will help you define your beard the way you like.

In our previous post, we discussed electric shavers for men. Primarily we discussed the Philips AquaTouch range of shavers.

In today’s post, we will discuss trimmers. We will discuss their features and will decide which is the best trimmer for men.

Important Features of Philips Trimmers

In every Philips trimmer, there are many technical specification and features.

Some of these features are standard and don’t change with each model.

Some features change with every model and are important to note before buying.

We will discuss the following feature of trimmers:

  • Cordless/Corded Operation
  • Battery Charging Time
  • Usage Time
  • Length Settings
  • Precision
  • Charging Voltage
  • Warranty

Standard Features of Philips Trimmers

Of all the features discussed above, 2 features are standard in all Philips trimmers.

  • Charging Voltage
    • Every Philips trimmer supports universal voltages of 100-240V. That means you can charge your trimmers in any country in the world without worries.
  • Warranty
    • Each Philips trimmer comes with a 2-year standard warranty which can be extended for another year upon registration of the product online.

Variable Features of Philips Trimmers

As you may have guessed, the following features are different for every hair trimmer.

  • Corded Or Cordless operation
  • Charging Time
  • Operating Time
  • Blade Precision Setting

We will discuss each of these features about every Philips trimmer in detail.

How To Use A Trimmer To Maintain A Beard

As mentioned above, a trimmer will help you maintain a beard of the desired length. But it’s important to understand how.

Most of the Philips trimmers discussed today have a comb attachment. Without the comb, the blades of the trimmer will be exposed directly.

Trimmer Without Stubble Comb
Trimmer Without Stubble Comb


Trimmer With Comb
Trimmer With Comb


Getting a clean and maintained beard is actually a 2 step process using a Philips trimmer.

Step 1 – Using the Philips trimmer without the comb

In this step, you remove the comb of the Philips trimmer and use the blades directly on your skin.

The blades are skin friendly, and you don’t have to worry about cutting or damaging your skin.

The important thing here is that you will not trim your beard in this mode; you will only define it.

Using the blades, you only have to shape the boundaries of your beard on your cheeks, neck and everywhere else.

After you have defined the beard, it’s time for step 2.

Step 2 – Using the Philips trimmer with the comb to trim your beard

Now you should put the shaving comb back and select a length setting for your beard.

Different Philips trimmers will support different lengths. A shorter setting means a shorter beard while a longer setting means a longer beard.

Select the desired length for your beard and then start the trimmer.

For best results, always make sure of the following:

  • Comb your beard with a fine comb before using the trimmer
  • Start at the highest setting to become familiar with how the trimmer works
  • Make sure the comb is always in contact with your skin
  • Always move the trimmer in the opposite direction of your beard

Keeping these points in mind, use the Philips trimmer to trim your beard to the desired length.

Feature Comparison For Philip Trimmer

If you are in a hurry and want an easy comparison of all the features of each Philips trimmer, then check out the table below.


Philips Trimmers Comparision

Model NameImageBuy LinkBuy LinkCordless?Charge/Use Time (Minutes)Step SizePrice
Philips QT4005/15Philips Trimmer QT4005-15_5Buy on FlipkartBuy on AmazonYes600/45.5 mmMedium
Philips QT4011/15Philips Trimmer QT4011-15_4Buy on FlipkartBuy on AmazonYes60/90.5 mmMedium
Philips QT4001/15Philips Trimmer QT4001-15_2Buy on FlipkartBuy on AmazonYes600/451 mmLow
Philips BT3200/15Philips Trimmer BT3200-15_1Buy on FlipkartNoNA1 mmLowest
Philips QT4006/15Philips Trimmer QT4006-15_3Buy on FlipkartBuy on AmazonYes600/45.5 mmMedium
Philips BT5200/15Philips Trimmer BT5200-15_5Buy on FlipkartBuy on AmazonYes60/60.5 mmHigh
Philips BT9280Philips Trimmer BT9280_1Buy on FlipkartBuy on AmazonYes60/60.5 mmHighest

Now, let us compare each of the hair trimmers one by one.

1. Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4005/15 Philips Trimmer

Philips Trimmer QT4005/15
Philips Trimmer QT4005/15

The Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4005/15 trimmer is the highest selling entry level trimmer.

The QT4005/15 is cordless trimmer operated by chargeable, internal batteries.

This trimmer has stainless steel blades which are skin friendly.

You get 20 different length settings with this trimmer which can range from .5 mm to up to 10mm. That means you can change length by a factor of .5 mm minimum.

Philips Trimmer Qt4005/15 Blade Adjustments
Philips Trimmer Qt4005/15 Blade Adjustments

The QT4005/15 trimmer requires a charging time of 600 minutes and can operate effectively for 45 minutes after that.

The charging adapter for this trimmer is universally compatible and supports voltages from 100V to 240V for charging.

Philips Trimmer Qt4005/15
Philips Trimmer Qt4005/15

Summary Of Features Of QT4005/15 Philips Trimmer

  • Highest Selling Trimmer
  • Cordless Operation
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • .5 mm precision
  • 0.5 – 10mm range
  • 600 Minute Recharge Time
  • 45 Minutes Use Time
  • Universal Charging
  • 2 Year + 1 Year (On registering online) Warranty
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2. QT4006/15 Philips Trimmer – Color Variation of QT4005/15

Currently, the QT4005/15 trimmer is available only in black color.

But, a different colored model QT4006/15 is also available which comes in black and red color.

Rest of the features are the same as the QT4005/15 trimmer.

Philips Trimmer Qt4006/15
Philips Trimmer QT4006/15
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3. Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4011/15 Philips Trimmer


The Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4011/15 Trimmer For Men is a slightly upgraded model of the QT4005/15 discussed above.

Philips Trimmer Qt4011/15
Philips Trimmer Qt4011/15

The QT4011/15 is a cordless trimmer operated by internal, chargeable batteries.

The blades of the QT4011/15 trimmer are made of stainless steel and coated with titanium for extremely long life.

Philips Trimmer QT4011/15 Blades
Philips Trimmer QT4011/15 Blades

The QT4011/15 trimmer takes only 60 minutes to charge completely and you can use it for 90 minutes after a full charge.

The LED light on the front is helpful in indicating when the trimmer is turned or being charged.

The QT4011/15 trimmer supports 20 different beard trimming lengths starting from 0.5 mm to 10mm. The step size is 0.5 mm.


Philips Trimmer QT4011/15 Blade Adjustments
Philips Trimmer QT4011/15 Blade Adjustments

Summary Of Features Of QT4011/15 Philips Trimmer

  • Cordless Trimmer
  • Charging Indicator LED Light
  • Stainless Steel, Titanium Coated Blades
  • Trimming Range 0.5 – 10 mm
  • 20 Lock Settings
  • 60 Minutes Charging Time
  • 90 Minutes Use Time
  • Universal Charging Voltage
  • 2 Year + 1 Year (on online registration) Warranty
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4. Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4001/15 Philips Trimmer

Philips Trimmer QT4001/15 Electric Trimmer
Philips Trimmer QT4001/15 Electric Trimmer

The Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4001/15 is an older version of the QT 4005/15 and QT4011/15 models with similar features.

The QT4000/15 is a lower priced model as compared to the others as it has lower precision levels. This trimmer supports precision of 1 mm stops instead of the usual 0.5 mm in other models.

Philips Trimmer Qt4001/15 Blade Adjustment
Philips Trimmer Qt4001/15 Blade Adjustment

The rest of the features of the QT4001/15 are the same. For details see the feature summary below.

Summary Of Features Of QT4001/15 Philips Trimmer

  • Cordless Trimmer
  • LED Light For Charging Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 1 mm Precision
  • 600 Minutes Charge Time
  • 45 Minutes Use Time
  • Universal Charging Voltage
  • 2 Year + 1 Year (on online registration) Warranty
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5. Philips BT3200/15 Corded Philips Trimmer


Philips Trimmer BT3200/15
Philips Trimmer BT3200/15

The Philips BT3200/15 Beard Trimmer is corded beard trimmer for men.

This trimmer is the low price (cheap) beard trimmer and is a great choice if you trim your beard at home and looking to buy a trimmer for the first time.

This trimmer has pretty standard features like stubble comb, universal charging and beard length adjustment.

Philips Trimmer BT3200/15 Blades
Philips Trimmer BT3200/15 Blades

The important thing to note about this trimmer that it offers length adjustments in increments of 1 mm, not 0.5 mm like other trimmers.

Philips Trimmer BT3200/15 Blade Adjustment
Philips Trimmer BT3200/15 Blade Adjustment

Summary Of Features Of BT3200/15 Philips Trimmer

  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Corded Trimmer
  • Charging Time and Use time will not be applicable
  • 1 mm Precision Settings
  • 1 mm to 10 mm Trimming Range
  • Universal Charging Voltage (100V – 240V)
  • 2 Year + 1 Year (on online registration) warranty

6. Philips Pro Skin Advanced BT5200/15 Trimmer For Men

Philips Trimmer BT5200/15 Electric Razor
Philips Trimmer BT5200/15 Electric Razor

The Philips BT5200/15 trimmer is a premium range beard trimmer for men.

The price for Philips BT5200/15 is more than double of the other Philips trimmers discussed above, and there is a good reason for that.

Apart from the great looks, the BT5200/15 trimmer offers double sharpened, rounded stainless steel blades that provide a clean a smooth beard trimming without cuts or scratches.

The BT5200/15 trimmer can be used as a cordless trimmer or a corded trimmer.

The BT5200/15 can be charged in just 60 minutes and then can be used for 60 minutes of trimming.

Philips Trimmer BT5200/15 Packaging
Philips Trimmer BT5200/15 Packaging

The BT5200/15 is also 100% waterproof. You can use this trimmer in the shower as well.

Summary Of Features Of BT5200/15 Trimmer

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Corded and Cordless Operation
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 60 Min Cordless Use
  • 60 Minutes Charging Time
  • Trimming range starting at 0.2 mm
  • 17 Trimming Lengths
  • Universal Voltage Adaptor
  • 2 Year +1 Year (when registered online) Warranty
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7. Philips BT9280 Laser Trimmer For Men


Philips Trimmer B9280
Philips Trimmer B9280

The Philips trimmer BT9280 is the most premium trimmer by Philips. It is also the world’s first trimmer with laser-guided shaving.

Yes, you read it right. The trimmer has a built-in laser to guide you so you can create the perfect definition for your beard.

Philips Trimmer BT9280 Laser Feature
Yellow Part is pop up with laser guidance

The BT9280 Philips Trimmer is also 100% waterproof. You can easily rinse the trimmer under water after use to clean it.

Another interesting feature about this Philips trimmer is that it features 2 blades.

The big blade is useful when shaving with the comb to trim your beard.

The small blade is used without the comb and is useful for defining your beard with precision.

Philips Trimmer Bt9280 Twin Blades
Philips Trimmer Bt9280 Twin Blades

This Philips trimmer has 17 different precision settings which go from 0.4 mm to 7 mm. This gives you a great choice to manage your beard the way you want.

You can charge the BT9280 in just 60 minutes and then use it for 60 minutes of beard trimming.

Summary Of Features Of BT9280/15 Philips Trimmer

  • Laser Guided Trimming
  • Dual Blade Operation
  • 60 minutes Charging Time
  • 60 Minutes Usage Time
  • 17 Length Settings
  • Corded and Cordless Trimmer
  • LED Display
  • 17 Trimming Settings
  • 0.4 – 7 mm Trimming Range
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Universal Charging
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The Verdict on Philips Trimmer

We discussed a lot of Philips trimmers in this post, but we understand the choice can still be hard to make.

Our choice on Philips Trimmers would be:

Best Trimmer Under 1500 Rs

Best Trimmer Under 2000 Rs

Best Trimmer Under 5000 Rs

No Budget - I want the Best Trimmer


We hope that helped you decide which Philips trimmer is the best choice for you.

If you still have doubts, confusions or questions, feel free to comment. We will try to answer your questions in detail.

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    1. Amit, both the products you mentioned are good products. However, the 5000 series trimmer is only a beard trimmer while the grooming kit does 7 other functions apart from the beard trimmer. If you need full body grooming regularly, then it’s better to purchase the grooming kit. If not, only the beardtrimmer is fine.

      Regardless, both are great products from a great brand, so there is no question about the quality of both.

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